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Welcome to our Family

 our Church events:

Sunday School 

Be it beautiful Choreography or meaningful skits. From melodious solos, duets or multilingual group songs, to imagination and exceptional special program.
This is a day that the Ebenezer Sunday School kids surprise their parents and youth teachers as they do their best performance with God given talents and abilities


A fun filled week for kids mentored by Ebenezer Sunday school teachers and special guests. A power packed  time of learning , sharing and growing in Christ along with action songs, games, activities and much more.

Church Conventions

An evening open to all communities for a time of spiritual nourishment with anointed servants of the Lord delivering the powerful Word of God, life changing testimonies and a blessed time of worship lead by the melodious Ebenezer Choir.

Church Outings

Fellowship of Ebenezer family, a one-day event to look forward to that is children friendly and safe. Beautiful location for your eyes to behold, energetic games that bring out the child in everyone yet with competition at its peak, mouth watering food cooked with love and moments where you laugh till u drop.

VBS 2022 Highlights

Theme: Mighty Fortress 

             In Jesus the Victory is won

In World where princesses and battles filled with child's imagination, kids learn they can't win every game, ace every test, conquer every challenge. But there is good news, we don't need to, we have a champion. At mighty fortress kids celebrate Jesus, Our Savior, Our King, Our Fortress and Sure Defense. So raise you banner, Hold it high, shout it loud, The battle is done, In Jesus the Victory is won.

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